• Lawn Tips

  • Core aeration will help maintain the overall health of your lawn. This process increases penetration of water, air, and nutrients into the soil, by loosening the soil and encouraging root growth.

    Seasonal color can add that extra visual appeal to your landscaping, by complimenting your other plants with bright, vibrant, and picturesque colors.

    Fresh mulch should be added and maintained at a depth of 3 to 4 inches in your beds, to help protect the roots of plants by conserving soil moisture and moderating soil temperature. This will also help deter those pesky and unsightly weeds.

    Trees and Crape myrtles should be kept trimmed away from roof lines to prevent damage, and raised over sidewalks and alleys according to your city ordinance.

    Gutter cleaning is recommended to remove any leaves, sticks, and debris that has accumulated. This will help keep your gutters working properly, which could prevent costly repairs.

    Fire ant treatment applied to your yard in the spring or summer will help deter and get rid of these unwelcome pests. Everyone that lives in Texas knows a fire ant bite can be very painful and sometimes dangerous to small children, pets, and people with an allergy to them.